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07: Election 2019 Recap, Politicians Who Exploit Veterans, and a One-Way Ticket to Facebook Jail

Episode Summary

Trumpwatch: With a big week coming in Impeachment Inquiry, Jesse and Sarah look at how the Republicans will turn it into a circus. Also, why doesn't Jim Jordan ever wear a jacket? Election 2019 Recap: SEPA wins big, Central PA is on the cusp, and SWPA took a savage beating. What does it all mean, and where do the Democrats go from here? Also, Jesse celebrates his vicarious victory over his archnemesis in a municipal throwdown. Clowns of the Week: Marc Zuckerberg gets schooled by AOC, and Don Trump Jr.'s insane comments about his family's struggles. Heroes of the Week: John Oliver's epic musical takedown of coal baron Bob Murray, plus the importance of Alexander Vindman's impact on the Impeachment Inquiry. Next 10 Words: Politicians need to stop talking using veterans as political props and start taking action to help veterans on a variety of issues.

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