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05: Cummings Remembered, Heartbeat Bill Hypocrites Exposed, and How Fracking Turned One Township into Thunderdome

Episode Summary

Trumpwatch: Impeachment Update, Insane letter to Turkey, the G7 Debacle, and What if Trump Wins? Hero of the Week: Representative Elijah Cummings- One of America's Last Statesmen Clowns of the Week: PA State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, author of HB 1977, also known as the controversial anti-abortion and anti-science "Heartbeat Bill" and Mick Mulvaney for his epic fail of a press conference. Interview: Caleb Nauman, the lead organizer for Sunrise Lancaster, talks about the challenge of bringing environmental accountability to Pennsylvania politics. Next 10 Words: If your politics are motivated by your own personal desire to make money from fracking on your property, don't try to pretend it's anything else. (Includes a fun clip of Jesse getting booed by mean old ladies!)

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Sunrise Lancaster

PA House Bill 1977 (Heartbeat Bill)

Jesse Getting Booed by Mean Old Ladies (video)

What Happens if Trump Wins (from Politico)