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04: Pink Mohawks, Free Pizza, Liz Warren's Def Comedy Jam, and Making Bob Evans Great Again

Episode Summary

Trumpwatch: Genocide- it's not just for dictatorships anymore. Jesse and Sarah examine Donald Trump's inexplicable decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in Syria. (Begins at 5:01) Heroes of the Week: Elizabeth Warren's shadefest on marriage equality and Judge George Daniels of the Southern District of NY, who struck down the Trump Administration's "public charge" immigration policy. (Begins at 17:21) Clowns of the Week: Ellen Degeneres' bad date with George W. Bush and her non-apology apology, and the Guy Who Sat Behind Jesse at a Bob Evans in Bridgeville, PA (Begins at 31:31, continues after interview at 59:29) Interview: Joe Cox, founder of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Bike Ride, giver of free pizza, advocate for social change, painter of penises on potholes, and Independent candidate for Philadelphia City Council talks about his efforts to take on the establishment and change the status quo while rocking a pink mohawk. (Begins at 36:27) Next 10 Words: Democrats in Congress shouldn't try to hide their opinion on impeachment solely for the sake of their own political protection. (Begins at 1:08:50)

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